Friday, 8 May 2009

~Yellow n Pink Two Roses~

salam di pagi jumaat yang mulia nie..

today still in the mood to post yellow mellow theme entry..and this one.. I categorized them also as two roses..combination of yellow and pink roses..

dinner plates I got from tasha..teacups bought from famous amos air-conditioned fleamarket..that unique teapot from k.fuziah..first time I went to her house @ antique museum, this teapot really caught my eyes..and now it's mine...just simply lurve it!!!

one thing about k.fuziah can get almost every patterns that you ever dreamed of BUT you have to bear all the costlah..hehe..I am pretty sure that frens out there who had experienced deal with her surely nod your head right..apapun tabik buat otai can be one of the legend of all these vintage things...

that's all for today..tataaa..


  1. bekenannya set nih...tak pernah jumpa lagi..

  2. k.khaty..yg nie pun sy jarang jumpa..tu pun nasib2 usual..terus rembat..hehe..
    (p/s: hei akak..kater kursus..sempat lg tu..)

  3. cantiknyaa yang ni....corak ni memang jarang jumpa yatt..

  4. nanti rajin pi la jengok blog sepi akak heheh..

  5. k.inna..memang rare..kalau pinggan maybe byk lagi kan..mangkuk bujur dalam pattern nie sy beli 2 masa kt kedai bagan ajam tu..mmg nasib baik..happy sesangat!!!

  6. k.khaty..da singgah ke blog akak..kecik molek akak nie yek..hehe..


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