Tuesday, 5 May 2009

~Grey n Pink Two Roses~

yg nie pula..sy namakan grey and pink 2 roses..disebabkan byk sgt pattern 2 roses yg pelbagai warna..as usual free advertisements for all these traders cum my frens... :)

this teapot bought from tasha senawang..dessert plates kt belakang tu fr k.ajmahs..

grey pink 2 roses : teapot

teacups fr pasar pudu

grey pink 2 roses : teacup close-up

cwn bujang yg nie terjumpa sorang2 dia kt kedai apek..sian dia..so i brought it back..placed together with 'her' frens..hehe..

grey pink 2 roses : teacup bujang

this teapot~same colour but different flower arrangement from mrorchid..k.nor pun ada gak pattern nie kan..but smaller version..

so once again..wanna help from antiques search squad (cik mah, cik jah, mrorchid etc) to find sugar creamer set for this pattern k..thank you very much!!

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