Wednesday, 30 June 2010

~My Third EG~

السلام عليكم

salam rabu..

EG yang ditunggu2 telah selamat diterima semalam..kali nie saya digandingkan dengan kak rafidah (memberi) & achik n (menerima)..alhamdulillah hadiah EG yang saya pos pun dah selamat diterima oleh achik n..moga achik n gembira menerima hadiah EG saya yang tak seberapa seadanya..

manakala EG untuk diri sendiri, memang saya yang request pelita dari kak rafidah since pinggan mangkuk lama saya dah dapat idaman hati..

5 teko cilik & comeyy dari kak rafidah..

teko rumah jer yang belum saya ada..
yang lain2 tu saya dah sekarang depa dah berpasang2.. ;)

lastly..special thanks to
Eija @ Eija Cottage
Kak Rafidah @ A Swift Journal
Achik N @ Pearl Antique

moga persahabatan kekal selamanya..

salam sayang..


  1. You have a beautiful blog and beautiful things. You should consider putting a Google Translate bar on your blog so that others can easily read it.

    I LOVE the tiffin boxes with the blue flowers. Are the tiffin boxes antiques? I would want to buy something like them if they are available.

    I am now a FOLLOWER of your blog.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. Hi Tablescaper,

    I couldn't believe my eyes you were here to leave a sweet comment.The truth is I am your silent reader.Thank you so much for the compliment, suggestion and also became one of my followers.It is indeed a great honour for me because such a special and well-known blogger like you has a time to visit my blog.

    Anyway, I will email you regarding your queries about my precious tiffins.They are antiques I must say.

    Lastly, it's been a great pleasure to be able to know you in person.Looking forward to see you again. :-)



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